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The Resurrection of Christ Transforms Lives Part 1

Jason Ehmann, April 18, 2014
The Resurrection of Christ Transforms Lives Part 1

My brother and I owned a dilapidated 1983 Toyota truck in high school. Despite the scratched paint and many repair issues, its worst fault was the trouble it took to get started. The faulty connection between the cable and battery post forced us into the habit of “bump starting” the truck—parking on a descent and using momentum to start the engine. All that trouble was the result of a simple problem—a disconnection from the power source.

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The Seven Habits of a Good Writer

Positive Action, Oct. 23, 2013

As we ramp up our editorial season here at Positive Action, we once again have to remind ourselves that writing is as much a lifestyle as a skill. Here are seven habits of good writers—at least, the kind we hope to be some day.

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