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No Regrets, No Retreat

Jason Ehmann, July 13, 2015
No Regrets, No Retreat

Stories can impart powerful lessons. Great teachers understand this, and utilize stories to enlighten understanding, personalize truth, or germinate ideas for application. 


But stories, especially good ones, do more than simply transmit information. Good stories have the power to magnify a truth. And this is what I found watching the latest episode from the Dispatches from the Front series. 

Tim Keesee, the executive director at Frontline Missions and host of the Dispatches From the Front series, tells contemporary stories that magnify Christ’s unstoppable work through the gospel around the world. His travel journals document God’s work in difficult places through humble people. The latest episode, “No Regrets, No Retreat,” shows the advance of the gospel in China. 


China’s missionary history provides stories of the gospel’s advance. Missionaries like William Carey and his co-laborers in the China Inland Mission related how God led them to risky and sacrificial service for Christ. This history impacts modern times, as God uses our brothers and sisters to boldly show the love of Christ in adverse circumstances. Some do so through strategic business opportunities, while others show Christ through loving service to outcasts. All take risks daily to share Christ with their neighbors and promote the gospel. Their stories magnify the truth that Jesus is worth every sacrifice.


The first-century disciples of Jesus Christ boldly shared the message of a risen Savior because they had witnessed His resurrection—they couldn’t help but speak of what they had seen and heard. It’s good for me to see again the joyful sacrifice of witnesses who can’t help but speak of what they have seen and heard. Watching this episode reminded me that following Christ is worth the sacrifice. The testimony of faithful disciples who follow Jesus convicts me. Their lives, like a close friend who can speak frankly, reveal my shortsighted and faithless discouragement. Yet they also offer a clear and glorious view of the work of Christ. Seeing them—seeing Christ’s work in them—motivates me to loving, sacrificial service. 


It was good for us at Positive Action to see this video, as well. We love to see demonstrations of hearts and lives that magnify the majesty of God. We are encouraged to continue to pray for these people and serve them in whatever ways we can.


It would be good for you to see this video too. Parents, show your kids the global work of God and pray that He would call them to risky love, humble surrender, and sacrificial service. Prepare them for it. Encourage them and help launch them out to the frontline for His glory. Pastors, show your congregations that they are not the only ones struggling to love and live for Jesus in a context of opposition. Encourage them to endure with these examples of endurance, and motivate them to risk much for the sake of the gospel because One has risked all to capture them. Then when they come to you, ready to risk all for Jesus, pray with them, help them and love them. Hold the ropes as they rush to the front and stand for Jesus.


This episode, and the others in this series, are treasures of encouragement and instruction. I cannot recommend them enough. View the trailer of “No Regrets, No Retreat,” or any of the others, here. Buy it here, here, or here. Then, watch them—frequently. Show them to your family and friends. Learn from them. Live the truths they display for the glory of our King.


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Born in Chicago but raised out West in a pastor’s family, Jason Ehmann has been involved with ministry all his life. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Bible and a master’s in Counseling, Jason has served as youth pastor, senior pastor, and now president at Positive Action. Today he helps pastors and teachers show God’s glory and grace to their students. A big fan of coffee, Jason also enjoys skiing and football, as well as art and design. He and his wife live in North Carolina with their four children.

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