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Great Parenting Goals 2

Frank Hamrick, Aug. 16, 2013

Proverbs 1:3

“To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity.”

Here are the four goals of wise parents: to be possessed by wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity. Today we look at the second of these goals.

We must be possessed by justice. Justice is the Hebrew word most often translated “righteousness” and refers not to the quality of righteousness but to right living. Experiential knowledge of God leads to righteous living.

Parents sometimes mistakenly demand righteousness from their children. True biblical righteousness, however, comes from the inside. As we know and love God, our lives ooze with His righteousness. Personal, intimate fellowship with the Lord produces an inner pressure that forces righteous living into our lives. The same goes for our children.

We can force our children to do right, but this does not build righteousness in their hearts! Rules, standards, and regulations may produce correct outward behavior, but it does not change hearts.

Your mission is to instill a passion for God that works out righteousness in your children. Righteousness is not mandated or molded, it is pressed out from within! Be on guard against externally molding your children to do right. Rather, ask God to help you exude such a love for Him that your children are caught up in the same love. You will soon see the “oozing” of righteousness in their lives.

Final thought: Remember that true righteousness must always grow from the inside out.

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