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Producing Helmsmen

Frank Hamrick, Aug. 21, 2013

Proverbs 1:5

“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning: and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.”

This verse points us to the kind of children our homes must produce. Let’s work backwards in this verse. The ultimate goal of a home is to produce children who “attain unto wise counsels.” Literally, the phrase wise counsels can be translated “helmsman” (one who steers a ship). Thus, our homes are like naval academies producing young people capable of steering their own lives and rightly influencing the lives of others. When our children leave home, they must be equipped to steer their lives in a godly direction on an ungodly sea. They must, likewise, have a burden to help other youth avoid the rocky shoals of temptation.

Back up one phrase: “a man of understanding.” Helmsmen understand their purpose. They understand that they are to live God’s truth and to teach it to others. They understand that obedience to the Word is the only successful course in life. Is this true of your children? Are you consciously teaching them how to counsel themselves with the Word so they can counsel their peers biblically?

Backing up again we see that helmsmen “increase learning.” This is how children become men of understanding. They have parents who don’t just pass off this responsibility to Sunday school or Christian school teachers. Rather, the parents take the time to personally teach their children “thus saith the Lord.” How much godly, biblical wisdom do your children get from you?

Finally, notice where this begins with the child: “A wise man will hear…” Hearing is paying attention. If your children would become helmsmen, you must focus their attention. You must direct their heart from entertainments and social functions to theology! You must bring them face-to-startling-face with the majesty and glory of God in such a way that they are jolted from apathy and drawn to His multi-faceted beauty! This is your mission. Will you accept it?

Final thought: As a godly parent, you should be developing children who will impact others for Christ.

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