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The Resurrection of Christ Transforms Lives Part 1

Jason Ehmann, April 18, 2014
The Resurrection of Christ Transforms Lives Part 1

My brother and I owned a dilapidated 1983 Toyota truck in high school. Despite the scratched paint and many repair issues, its worst fault was the trouble it took to get started. The faulty connection between the cable and battery post forced us into the habit of “bump starting” the truck—parking on a descent and using momentum to start the engine. All that trouble was the result of a simple problem—a disconnection from the power source.

As we reflect on the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection, we see the followers of Jesus experiencing a disconnect from the Power that had sustained and led them.

They had just seen Jesus arrested, falsely accused, unjustly tried, brutally tortured, and horribly executed. It didn’t make sense. As a result, the power of the disciples and friends of Jesus fizzled out as they grappled with fear, discouragement, and confusion. What would they do now? What did the future hold for them?

As they recognized and believed the glorious truth of Jesus’ resurrection, they reconnected to the power of Christ. Jesus lovingly assured and comforted them as He changed their hearts.

We see the power of Jesus’ resurrection as He transforms anxiety into confident joy. The women who visited His tomb, desperately seeking the body of their Lord, surely felt confused, hurt, and afraid. When the angels appeared, their message was one the women needed most—do not be afraid. Why do you seek the living among the dead? Surely you haven’t forgotten that Jesus said He would rise again?

Anxiety to Confident Joy

Matthew 28:8 states that these followers left quickly, with fear and great joy. Trepidation remained, but overflowing, confident joy replaced their hopeless anxiety. The powerful resurrection of Jesus cleared their confusion, and calmed their fear. Jesus had risen, just as He said!

As Cleopas and an unnamed disciple trekked the long road from Jerusalem to their home in Emmaus, intense sorrow overwhelmed them. They had looked for Israel’s redeemer, but their hopes were violently crushed by Jesus’ death. After such disappointment, they dared not believe the report of the empty tomb.

Sadness to Fiery Zeal

In compassion, Jesus then taught them about Himself (Luke 24:25-27). Their sadness lifted and their hearts burned. Understanding dawned and they believed. This same living Jesus had just communed with them! Set on fire by the power of His appearance, they immediately traveled back to Jerusalem—another seven-mile journey—to report the events to the other disciples. Knowledge of Christ changed their sorrow into a fiery zeal.

For those of us who struggle with anxiety, let the power of Christ’s resurrection reassure our fear and replace it with glowing, confident joy. Jesus vanquished one of the strongest holds we know—death itself. We can rest confidently in His power. As we’re burdened down with grief, let the knowledge of His power ignite our hearts and minds as we reflect on Him.

Jason Ehmann

Born in Chicago to a pastor’s family, Jason has been involved with ministry all his life. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Bible and a master’s in Counseling, Jason has served as youth pastor, senior pastor, and now youth ministries director at Positive Action. Today he helps pastors and teachers show God’s glory and grace to their students. A big fan of coffee, Jason also enjoys skiing and football, as well as art and design. He and his wife live in North Carolina with their four children.

Random fact: As a teenager, Jason spent a year in South Africa on a missions trip with his parents.

If you’d like to hit up Jason for ideas and resources for your ministry, you can reach him at jehmann@positiveaction.org.

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