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The Resurrection of Christ Transforms Lives Part 2

Jason Ehmann, April 22, 2014
The Resurrection of Christ Transforms Lives Part 2

Previously, we looked at how Jesus used His resurrection to transform anxiety into confident joy, and His knowledge to comfort sadness and produce passion. Now, we’ll look at two other ways Christ’s resurrection can change lives.

Doubts Answered

Jesus graciously and mercifully cared for His followers after the resurrection. His disciples—the ones who above all should have expected His resurrection as He foretold—struggled with doubt. At first, they dismissed the reported sightings of the risen Christ. But Peter and John ran to the tomb (John 20:3-8). They were surprised to find it empty, but their doubts were answered.

In the midst of the confusion, Christ appeared to His disciples to finally set their minds at rest. Not only did He show Himself to be physically real, but He also reminded them of the fulfilled prophecy (Luke 24:44) and made them understand His plan. After this, their every shred of doubt was gone.

Sin Forgiven

However, Christ did not appear merely to relieve the turmoil following His death. Jesus reminded His disciples that He held the power to replace anxiety with joy, sadness with passion, and doubt with belief. And He had demonstrated this power through His work on the cross, and by His resurrection from death.

At the core of every struggle lies the need to be personally connected to Christ, and that is done initially by repenting and accepting His payment for our sin debt. To connect to the power of Christ, we must accept the offer of forgiveness Christ provides through His death and resurrection. Only then can we allow His power to change us.

And as we reflect on Christ’s resurrection, let us ask Him to sustain our hearts as we depend on His power.

Jason Ehmann

Born in Chicago to a pastor’s family, Jason has been involved with ministry all his life. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Bible and a master’s in Counseling, Jason has served as youth pastor, senior pastor, and now youth ministries director at Positive Action. Today he helps pastors and teachers show God’s glory and grace to their students. A big fan of coffee, Jason also enjoys skiing and football, as well as art and design. He and his wife live in North Carolina with their four children.

Random fact: As a teenager, Jason spent a year in South Africa on a missions trip with his parents.

If you’d like to hit up Jason for ideas and resources for your ministry, you can reach him at jehmann@positiveaction.org.

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