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The Second Step to Wisdom

Frank Hamrick, Sept. 2, 2013

Proverbs 2:1

“My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee…”

Youth must hide the Word in their heart. Once more we see the parent’s focus is the heart, not behavior. Behavior is only a tool, and the tool is not the product. We are equipping youth with the tools they need in life—we are fashioning their hearts. We must readjust our thinking in both education and the home. Education is about wisdom, not knowledge. The home is about the heart, not conformity. In school your child may memorize and give correct answers. In the home your child may submit to your demands. But both of these are external and may be accomplished without an ounce of grace in the heart.

Hide can also translate from the Hebrew as “storing up” or “saving”—as when someone places documents in a security box for safe keeping. It is our responsibility to make Christ and His Word so thrilling and valuable that youth treasure the teaching of the Word and long for fellowship with Him. When our children treasure what we teach them about the ways of God, we are beginning to educate them.

Today’s youth, sadly, place little value on the things of the Lord. Why? There are many answers to this question, and many of them are found in the home. The entire entertainment industry from sports to Hollywood stars, video games, and the Internet often go unchecked at home. Parents are caught up in treasuring things that vanish, and peers are eaten up with materialism.

How do we fight these trends? We give them an example. We must treasure the Word. We must memorize it, meditate on it, and enjoy doing it. The conversation at home must focus on the Lord. We must share our enthusiasm for the Word with our children. Share with them each day what you have memorized. Take out a golden verse and handle it in such a way that your children are in awe. Soon they will share what they have received in their daily devotions. Then you are beginning to parent biblically!

Final thought: Encourage and demonstrate the importance of hiding God’s Word in your heart.

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