Now Available: Sharpening Iron

Positive Action, Jan. 22, 2021
Now Available: Sharpening Iron

God designed humans to be social. After creating Adam, God stated that it wasn’t good for Adam to live alone — so He made Eve. God created the first people to enjoy each other and fellowship with Him.

Friendship is a tremendous blessing from God that provides opportunities to glorify Him through enjoying each other, supporting one another, and growing together. No relationship will be free from conflict, but friends can grow closer by the way they work through problems together. Our friendships will either thrive through respect and love—or shrivel and die through selfishness.

Sharpening Iron, a new Bible study from Positive Action, seeks to help believers think biblically about friendships by…

  • Defining friendship biblically
  • Identifying the characteristics of a good friend
  • Highlighting biblical warnings of bad friends
  • Encouraging behaviors that build good friendships
  • Providing steps to heal broken friendships

Who is this for?

Designed for teachers of teens, HotShots have been effectively used in Sunday school, small group Bible studies, and Christian school chapel settings.

How does it work?

Since HotShots are self-contained, you will need to purchase only one HotShot booklet—available in print or PDF.

Each lesson, which takes approximately 30–45 minutes, follows the same format.

  • The Warm-Up introduces the lesson topic to your students through activities such as songs, games, handouts, and discussion questions.
  • The Bridge transitions from The Warm-Up to the main text of Scripture for the lesson.
  • The Content introduces and expands the main points. Throughout the lesson, you’ll use handouts and discussion questions to help students internalize what they’ve heard.
  • The Closing concludes the lesson by reviewing the main points and applying them to your students’ lives.

All handouts are included in the booklet and may be copied for participant use. They are also available as a free PDF.

You can easily present points from the Teacher’s Lesson using the pre-formatted slide layouts and text. These slides are editable, so you can adapt the presentations with your own pictures and lesson content. The slides are freely available in PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF formats.

To purchase or to download the presentation slides and free samples, see the product page available via the link below.

Sharpening Iron
Sharpening Iron
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