Spanish Pre-School Curriculum

Jason Ehmann, July 25, 2016
Spanish Pre-School Curriculum

¡Oye! Our preschool resources are now in Spanish. Together with our friends at EBI, a translation and distribution ministry of Baptist Mid Missions, we have translated and produced our entire preschool curriculum in Spanish. Like the English version, these resources provide 40 lessons starting at Creation and continuing to the ascension of Jesus Christ, highlighting God’s love along the way. Unknown Object

The teachers packet contains lessons and a CD with student pages and clip art. The student workbook features 2–3 activity pages per lesson with engaging, original artwork and educational activities. The picture cards provide large visual support to the lessons, while the Storybook presents a great resource for the home or small classroom.

EBI has well-developed connections for distribution to ministries in Mexico, Central and South America. Both EBI and Positive Action will distribute the materials in the US.

Exploremos el Amor de Dios es un estudio que consiste de cuarenta lecciones que llevan a los preescolares en un viaje a través de la Biblia, desde la creación del mundo hasta la muerte y ascensión de Jesucristo. Inspire a sus alumnos con el amor de Dios, haciendo clara la verdad de él mediante historias poderosas, actividades emocionantes e ilustraciones prácticas.

Exploremos el Amor de Dios
Exploremos el Amor de Dios
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